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We offer all types of video production services, including preparing explainer videos, as well as promotional and corporate videos and more. We can prepare YouTube and social media campaigns featuring your promotional videos as well.


Would you like to increase your Internet visibility?Or perhaps acquire customers and sell your products online? We can prepare both a website and advertising materials, as well as an online advertising strategy.


We can plan and implement an Internet advertising campaign, featuring banners, video ads and advertising on YouTube and other social media platforms. We offer comprehensive solutions – from strategy, through design and implementation, all the way to reporting on the actual results.


Our online activities will boost your sales by promoting e-commerce distribution channels. The sale of your products and services can be further supported through contests, lotteries, loyalty programmes and special offers.


An online campaign allows you to direct a precise message exactly to the target group of your choice. You only pay for actual clicks, as well as website and video views.

Choosing our services is money well spent. You always know the exact number of people who saw your ads, how much time they spent reading them and whether or not the ads convinced them to make a purchase. You can also test different versions of the promotional materials to easily find the most effective ones.

An online campaign allows you to flexibly adjust your budget to the options required. Since you can always adapt them to your current needs, large one-time expenses are not necessary.

Thanks to online promotional activities, you can easily direct all customers interested in your products and services to your store. In addition, an online campaign allows you to directly support proprietary distribution channels.


Client: Grupa Żywiec S.A. – one of Poland’s leading beer producers with the most extensive product portfolio on the local market.

Task: Creating a mobile app aimed at improving transport order handling, particularly the unloading process.

Solution: We prepared a mobile app, which allows users to monitor logistics processes, including delivery quality and timeliness, thanks to geolocation solutions. It is available for download from the Play Store – the world’s largest app platform.

Result: Providing information to the transport order database in real-time, which enables rapid data analysis and efficient implementation of improvement solutions. In addition, the app is an integral part of the loyalty programme. This made it possible to automate many of the processes related to its coordination.

Client: Giacomo Conti is a Polish suit manufacturer that enjoys nationwide reach and offers products manufactured with the utmost care and attention to quality.

Task: Creating a tool to facilitate communication between the stores and the customers, as well as enable the latter to arrange individual meetings with image experts at any of the Client’s stores.

Solution: We created an Internet platform that allows customers to seamlessly arrange meetings with image experts at any time and store of their choice. Specific information provided by the platform users (eye colour, hair colour, complexion, size) makes it possible for a given store to prepare suits of the right size and shade well ahead of the customer’s arrival.

Result: Due to the campaign’s immense popularity, the Client decided to organise its second edition with our assistance.

Client: The only manufacturer of pneumatic tube systems in Poland. Systik offers proven proprietary solutions. Pneumatic tubes are suitable for the transportation of samples, documents, money, medicine, spare parts and semi-finished products.

Task: Increasing awareness about the way pneumatic tube systems work among Systik’s potential clients.

Solution: We created an animated explainer video that presents the concept of pneumatic tubes step-by-step and in an accessible way.

Result: The final product allows Systik’s sales representatives to introduce clients to the way pneumatic tubes work and has become a very useful marketing tool.

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Client: A leading European producer of washbasins, shower trays and bathtubs made of Mineral Composite.

Task: Creating a concept of a B2B special offer for Marmite’s anniversary and providing all the support necessary throughout its course.

Solution: Creating special offers for clients from several different countries and creating all mechanisms required to do so. The special offers had to appear regularly on a dedicated website.

Result: A special welcome pack – a box of muffins bearing the client’s colours – encouraged a large number of users to sign up for the web platform. The campaign succeeded in building Marmite’s global brand image.

Client: Market leader in the bathroom equipment segment. Manufacturer of the highest quality ceramics and sanitary fittings for modern and classic interiors alike.

Task: Creating an e-learning platform for business partners and interior designers who work with Cersanit.

Solution: We prepared a dedicated educational website along with training content, which was created with the help of qualified trainers from prestigious universities.

Result: A functional e-learning platform that is being regularly updated with new training resources. The tool also serves as a useful onboarding solution. The report panel enables progress and pass rate analysis, which makes it possible to tailor the training sessions to the student’s needs even better than before.

Client: An experienced chocolate manufacturer offering products of the highest quality. By combining traditional recipes with cutting-edge technologies, the company manufactures excellent products, which are known all around the world, and successfully competes with the largest brands in this segment.

Task: Creating an animated video about the company’s new product – “Choco Cups” – and promoting it on YouTube.

Solution: We created an interesting 15-second video that presents the new product’s entire flavour range. The spot was uploaded to YouTube and we ensured that it achieved the highest number of views possible.

Result: During the campaign, the video reached almost 900,000 views. Based on the figures agreed upon with the client, the plan’s degree of implementation reached 185%!

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Client: Grupa Żywiec S.A. – one of Poland’s leading beer producers with the most extensive product portfolio on the local market.

Task: Creating and maintaining an incentive programme for the internal sales force of Grupa Żywiec S.A.

Result: Creating an Internet platform to support a gamification-based motivational programme for Grupa Żywiec’s employees.

Result: The implementation of the 3rd edition of the programme resulted in increased motivation among Grupa Żywiec’s employees.

Client: Nivona is a Swiss coffee machine manufacturer, which is widely known and renowned around the world for the reliability and the original design of its products.

Task: Our agency’s task was to prepare a competition using the Client’s Internet platform.

Solution: We prepared a special mechanism, which gave the competition participants a chance to receive 3, 5 or 8 kg of coffee, depending on the model of the coffee machine they purchased.

Result: Nearly 3,000 applications were submitted via the Landing Page throughout the competition’s 2-month-long duration. More than 14,000 kilograms of coffee were handed out to the participants!


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